Beach Wedding Party Favors For Summer Bridal Weddings

Beach Wedding Party Favors For Summer Bridal Weddings

Beaches can be one of the most romantic settings for a wedding. Many girls (and boys) dream of a wedding at an exotic location such as a beach or a mountaintop. And what better season than the summer to hold your wedding outdoors in such exotic locations. Beach wedding parties could be among the most enjoyable and memorable. Imagine the cool moist breeze blowing across your face and caressing your hair, the roar of the waves, the splashing water droplets and the sand castles and dunes, and you have an idea of how exciting and memorable it could be.

A beach themed wedding requires its own planning to make it really good. Among the things that you will need to bestow a lot of attention are your party favors. You should select your party favors to suit the theme of the beach wedding.

Party favors as a custom date back several centuries. In our present society, these have blossomed into a beautiful expression of appreciation for the presence of our guests. People select wedding favors that reflect their culture. Wedding party favors also make a personal style statement. To make the entire event harmonious it is important that the favors are in sync with the theme that you have chosen. It should also be something that can be preserved over the years and related to with pride and joy. The selection of party favors is thus a very important part of your planning for the wedding.

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What are the possibilities for beach wedding party favors that will incorporate all the above considerations?

One of the first things that come to mind when we talk of beaches is a seashell. Objects made of seashells are among the obvious choices. A seashell bookmark is something that your book loving guests are sure to appreciate and keep with them for a long time. You could attach these to the placeholders or keep them in a tray for the guests to pick up. Seashell wine bottle stoppers form another good item that is made of seashells, blend with the theme and will be useful to your guests.

Talking of seashells, you could also consider them, in their own right, as party favors. You could select attractively colored and shaped seashells and pack a few of them in small bags, making each of them a gift by itself. There are stores that can give you attractively packed seashells that you can use right away.

Starfish tea light candles can make for an attractive decoration that fits into your theme as well as form a unique gift item. You could combine these two ideas, and decorate the tables with these and also give them away as gifts, so that your guests get what they see!

Another thing that you could consider is a bag of artificial sea creatures. It could be a charming gift that would add to the fun, accentuate your beach theme and is sure to be maintained as a memento. Crafted pieces that contain other sea creatures, and are utilitarian, can also be considered. For example, a dolphin wine stopper would provide good utility value and be an attractive sea based theme for the gift, involving one of the most loved and talked about sea creatures. .

Cookies and mint tins that blend with the beach theme are other things that can be considered. For example, a carefully designed tin that has beach scenery, or pictures of items found along beaches, could make for a very useful and artistic item.

There are many other themes and items that you can consider. You can use your imagination and come up with something unique yourself. We hope that the few examples that we have given above will give you a lot more fresh ideas to help you in this.

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