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Tips: How To Find An Excellent Guitar Instructor?

So you’ve decided to look for a qualified guitar instructor for your child home guitar lessons. Where to start? Well, some options are to use search engines, directories, local music stores, and local schools and colleges to find a teacher near you. The challenge, however, is to find someone who is well qualified and enjoys teaching children.

Home Guitar Lessons Edmonton For Beginners

Ok, you live in Canada, you have received a guitar, and you have made the decision it is time to get some guitar classes. One of your very first questions in this concern comes: “How do I find an excellent instructor?” Here are some tips for parents to evaluate future teachers, understand their role in the Child classroom, and to help find a qualified teacher.

1) How long has the prospective teacher been teaching full-time? 

2) If the teacher considers that the child should learn to read music, learn musical terms, and music theory?

3) If the background illustrates that teachers have training in these areas?

It is a safe bet that teachers with titles in qualified guitar music specifically in this area. It is harder to evaluate teachers without degrees in these areas, but this does not mean to disqualify them, just as a university degree does not automatically qualify a teacher. Having a degree means that the teacher has the skills to effectively teach your child. You just need to ask about their experience and evaluate their skills.

There are many people who offer services as guitar teachers who are not very good in these areas. So do not be fooled by their marketing. Evaluate their resume and experience. For example, a local teacher who plays in local church cult bands may be a good guitarist of that style and a good person, but that does not necessarily mean qualifying them as a guitar teacher for your child. They may know little about music theory, reading notes or other styles of music.

4) Do you want your child to learn classical guitar?

If so, then you need a classic guitarist. This is a particular area of study that requires extensive and specific training. Do not rely on someone who says he teaches classical guitar being licensed in classical guitar from an accredited institution. Classical guitarists are often experts in many modern styles and teach as well.

5) What if I want my child to be a rock/pop guitarist/songwriter?

The musical training could curb creative development. The guitar being part of our modern culture, often taught by heart, and aggravated by the existence of talented and successful songwriters who have little formal musical education. This can give people the impression that reading the note is not more than necessary. The truth is that reading the note will help your child better facilitate the writing process, but also prepare for a broader musical life that may include teaching, study play, composing, transcribing, etc. You are paying a dollar for guitar lessons for your child, why limit their musical future?

6) If the teacher has a high-performance level?

You want to make sure that a teacher has been able to translate your understanding of the guitar into the way you play. However, some people like to teach more time and then have a wider curriculum than the teaching they do. This is a good thing as they can continue to be of the highest level players who simply love to teach. Also, some high-profile artists may not be close enough to give guitar lessons, which is especially important for children.

Home Guitar Lessons

Where to find a teacher who meets these criteria?

Shops While local music stores are often a good place to find a qualified teacher.

Some advantages: Comfortable as they carry the supplies you need and usually have a wide variety of teachers to choose from.

Cons: Some teachers may have little or no experience in teaching, often paying the same fee for some of the teachers, regardless of their credentials and experience. You can force the use of substitute teachers if the teacher is sick or out of town, and there is always the possibility that the store may suddenly leave the business then again you are struggling to find a new teacher.

Local Music store

You can also opt to research the guitar lessons at your local music store. You should ask the administrators/owners in different areas of teachers and teachers who do their best with the kids. Music stores usually have some great masters, but they also often have people with little or no experience in teaching as well.  From a suitable teacher can give your child an initial bad impression of classes and could ruin your enthusiasm for learning the instrument always.

Other sources

  1. a) Private music schools or academies. These are usually just private companies like music stores and have the same potential advantages and disadvantages, but often do not sell tools. The term school or academy should not denote more credibility because they are no better or worse than a source for teachers of music stores.
  2. b) Public schools and universities are another good option for finding qualified teachers who teach in private.
  3. c) Phone and Internet searches, including music master databases, can also be a good source to find local teachers.
  4. d) Recommendations from friends can be helpful too, but be sure to do your own research on teachers.

The important thing is to see your teacher resume and interview with them. You can find a highly qualified teacher in your district that charges the same or less, than a less qualified teacher at a local music store. Many qualified teachers prefer to teach at home, as it eliminates high-income study you must pay to music stores, eliminates your trip, eliminates the risk of losing your jobs if the shop where you learn goes bankrupt, and Let’s do it at your own pace.

Home Guitar Lessons Edmonton

Another important point is that you may have to try a month or so with a teacher to see if it is right for you. Unless the teacher is bad, you can’t get a good idea of their abilities in one lesson. Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to find an excellent guitar teacher in the long run for your child home guitar lessons Edmonton.

Considering all these areas could save your time, frustration and money. A good teacher is worth the time, distance and money.

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