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Can you purchase an iPhone on eBay? Yes, you can. Nevertheless, there are very important things to watch out for if you want to buy iPhones on eBay. With eBay it is always caveat emptor – buyer beware. This holds true when you are wanting to acquire iPhones on eBay as well. If you take procedures to be sure that you know what you are buying, then you can get an actually good deal on an iPhone. However, if you are not mindful, you will be disappointed and perhaps from a lot of money. This is exactly what you need to be aware of when purchasing iPhones on eBay.

First, know what you are purchasing and if you are uncertain ask the seller prior to you bid. Some things to keep an eye out for are contrasting details between the title and the extended description. For instance there was a listing for an unlocked 16 GB iPhone. That is exactly what the title stated. In the description is specified very plainly that this phone is locked but then went on to state that they are using it with T-Mobile, so it is clearly unlocked. The best way to deal with issues like this is to send out the seller an e-mail and request clarification. Conserve this email and the action you get so that if you are the winning bidder you have option if the iPhone is not as explained.

Know the difference between opened and locked. Unlocked suggests that the firmware has actually been hacked and now you can insert any chip that will work on ST&T or T-Mobile’s networks. If you utilize T-Mobile you will lose the visual voice mail, which is an AT&T exclusive feature. In the United States the iPhone will work only on mobile phone networks AT&T and T-Mobile. This has nothing to do with the chip and everything to do with the circuitry. The iPhone will only work on the radio frequencies that AT&T and T-Mobile supply. The terms “opened” and “new, unopened box” are incompatible. You need to open up package and hack into the firmware in order to open the iPhone. Apple does not ship unlocked iPhones. In order to hack into the iPhone you should open the box, and hook the iPhone up to a computer. This is hardly unopened. Locked indicates that the firmware that Apple shipped the phone with is intact and unblemished. These phones will only activate and work on the AT&T network. Nevertheless, a locked phone has no problems or problems with any firmware upgrades whereas an opened phone must be careful when upgrading to be sure they do not re-lock the iPhone.

Another thing to look out for when buying iPhones on eBay is to know if the phone is reconditioned, new, or utilized. A refurbished iPhone is one that Apple (hopefully) has taken from not working effectively to a fresh state. This is a great method to obtain an inexpensive iPhone. However, an ethical seller will clearly specify that this is a reconditioned item. Les meticulous sellers may not disclose this. If uncertain, ask. New and utilized are self-explanatory.

Be alerted to that there are phones that are similar in look to the iPhone however they are not iPhones. On eBay, you will see telephone call A88, iPhone, PDA, cellular phone … These are not Apple iPhones, they are iPhone look alike. Make certain that the producer of any iPhone you purchase is Apple and not CECT.

Finally ensure that you are aware of the sellers return policies and only pay through PayPal utilizing a charge card or pay directly with a credit card. Never ever pay with money, checks, Western Union, wire transfers or money orders. This way if you are sold a deceptive product, you have recourse through your charge card company or PayPal. Buyers who do not take charge card or PayPal are doubtful so as soon as again remember caution emptor, purchaser beware.

eBay tries to make their place a safe location to acquire products. An informed customer stands the best opportunity of getting a bargain. Prior to you purchase iPhones on eBay do a little research study to be sure you are getting exactly what you are searching for.