Perfect Wedding Venue – Having A ball In The Perfect Hall

Perfect Wedding Venue – Having A ball In The Perfect Hall

So it`s over now those famous words have been spoken ending the perfect wedding service – I now pronounce you husband and wife. Then we have the perfect wedding dress on the bride as the solo photo shoot takes place while the perfect groom looks on with pride. Perfection ends with a perfectly organised Wedding Venue. If all your plans were carried out accordingly to your specific requirements of having the best of everything then there is no need to worry.

The Wedding Venue where your reception is to take place is just as important as any other part of your wedding plans. The rave begins on the night of the wedding where guests party into the night and dance till dawn (depending on the venue) Gatherings can be large or small depending on your guest list so therefore the size of the Perfect Wedding Venue has to be carefully thought through.

Ask friends and family for advice on local venue halls as they may have attended parties in the past which puts them in a position to answer your questions in general – like the size – seating capacity if any and what rules and regulations have to be adhered too.
Case the joint so as to speak if you go to view – your perfect wedding venue will have a feel about it that you are either happy with or not – go back a second time if need be.

Don`t rush matters and take your time before making any decision. A wedding is a very important occasion so let us get it right from the beginning. Plans to find your Perfect Wedding Venue can take time so advanced planning is a necessary step. Twelve months before the marriage is to take place is when the search should begin. What you have to remember is there maybe other events going on at the same time as your wedding who may also be interested in the same building or hall that you have your eye on. So bear in mind the early bird catches the worm.

Very important is the size so it is wise to consult the guest list before making any reservations. Your wedding venue will not be perfect if to small and if to big then that may incur unnecessary costs which could be put to another good use like more spending money for the honeymoon. It is understandable that precise numbers can not be given at the time of booking due to the fact that some guests may not be able to attend on the night – but it is best to go off approximates so that you don`t lose the venue though hesitation of uncertainty.

If a live band is to play the music at your wedding venue then please do yourself a favour and check out the dance floor and stage size. Also it is vital to check the clubs rules on the music.
See if the venue you have booked can accommodate your guests with allotted parking areas. Your guests maybe travelling from out of town to attend the event. As with any venture when booking a hall for whatever the occasion – be sure to ask as many questions as possible. There maybe restrictions regarding music and closure times for particular areas where your perfect wedding venue is being held.

Before sprucing up the hall with decorations highlighting the occasion remember to ask permission, check if the wedding hall will allow you to personalize the room by bringing along your own caterer, florist.

There have been many upsets at weddings where the supposedly perfect wedding venue turned out not so perfect after all. But there you go not all of us are perfect when it comes to making the right decision so if in doubt get out and find someone who is more clued up on how to house hundreds of guest while they have a ball.

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