The 411 Of Proper Wedding Dance Etiquette

The 411 Of Proper Wedding Dance Etiquette

Although the ‘old’ days had a very basic structure to the wedding schedule of events, times have changed and those rules don’t always apply anymore. So, when it comes to who dances with whom, there are multiple answers.

Lining up the dance partners

It should go without saying that the bride and the groom are the first to dance. This makes for a beautiful photograph for everyone that brought a camera. The next dance can include the wedding party dancing with their respective partners as well as the new couple.


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The parent dances come next. The bride will dance with her father and the groom will dance with his mother. Then the bride will dance with her new father-in-law and the groom can dance with his new mother-in-law. In the case of extended families, you can switch up so that each half of the couple has danced with all of the step parents as well.

In the case of one of the couple having a deceased parent, another relative can step in and there should be some sort of announcement as to why this is happening. This is a great way to honor those that has passed while still celebrating the moment.

After these traditional dances, there may be opportunities for dances with other special people in everyone’s life. A fair warning though, it can be a tad boring for guests to watch dance after dance. You can announce for everyone to start dancing after the really important ones are done.

A lot of deejays have ideas for dances for people to participate in. These can start with how long people have been married and then slowly drop off until the longest marriage is left on the dance floor.

There are also dollar dances where the bride and groom will dance with others for money for their wedding.

Although the slow and sentimental dances are wonderful, the younger set (usually the wedding party) may also like some faster dancing. To make this special too, the bride and the groom may want to have certain songs played for each member of the wedding party. These can be something nostalgic or something fun for everyone to dance to.

Dancing at a wedding is a time that you shouldn’t be worrying about what you look like; it’s just the time to let loose after all the formality and have a lot of fun.

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