Time Management in the Workplace: How to See Success


Time Management in the Workplace: How to See Success

Are you a business owner or an office manager? If you are, it is your responsibility to make sure that your company is making money. Unfortunately, a company cannot profit from employees who do not know how to make good use of their time. Whether you notice an increase in employees socializing on the clock or an increase in personal computer use, it is important that you put a stop to this behavior right away.

As important as it is to know that employees with poor time management may have a negative impact on your company and its profits, you may be unsure as to how you should proceed. Your first impulse may be to terminate the employees who are causing the most problems or the most profit loss. Of course, this is more than possible to do, but there are other time management steps that may prove just as successful. To help you get started, a few of these steps are highlighted below.


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If you notice multiple employees in your office wasting company time, it may be in your best interest to hold time management training. This training can be put on and organized by you or other well performing employees or you can use the services of an outside company that specializes in time management and organization in the workplace. Time management training should involve outlining the importance of proper time management, tips should be shared on how work time should be spent, and consequences should be laid out for those who continue to waste their time, company time, and money.

Time management software is another way to reduce the amount of money lost due to employees who just can’t seem to manage their time correctly. Time management software programs come in a number of different formats, so be sure to find a program that has features that you and your staff members can benefit from. These features should include automated updates, messages, and reminders on important deadlines, desktop computer calendars, office wide communication at the click of a button, and so forth.

The use of rewards is another way that you can work to improve the time management of your office employees. Although we often associate rewards with young children, adults are likely to produce better results when those results are noticed. Be sure to comment on employees who perform well at the office or meet all deadlines. You can implement an employee of the month program or offer pay raises to those who make the best use of their time.

As much as employees who perform well and improve their time management need to be rewarded, those who don’t need to be called out. One of the many reasons why office workers waste time is because many know or feel that they can get away with the behavior. Be sure to first give warnings if you notice an employee of yours who is socializing as opposed to working or if an employee of yours regularly turns in their projects late. Termination can be used as a last resort.

As a recap, employees who waste company time can put your business at risk. As a business owner the last thing that you want is to see your company fail or lose profits. If you are not a business owner, but rather an office manager, it is still important that you take action immediately. If you do not, you may end up taking the fall for the employees who just can’t seem to properly manage their time at work.