Wedding Plans, Expensive; Saying Thank You, Priceless.


Wedding Plans, Expensive; Saying Thank You, Priceless.

Don’t let your wedding day come and go without saying thank you. There isn’t anything your groomsmen wouldn’t do for you. Your best man is proud of his new role as confidant. The ring bearer is at the ready. And they aren’t expecting anything in return. So commemorate these friendships by choosing wedding favors with the same care you took in selecting a ring for your bride. It will mean a lot to them.

Saying thank you for being there; thank you for your support and advice; thanks for all the good times we’ve shared—that’s what a gift can do.

I’ve unwrapped keepsakes over the years that meant a lot to me: some were from family, some were from high school friends; some from college buddies. It makes no difference how I know the groom. What makes the difference is the groom’s thoughtfulness during what most people would agree is the most important event of his life.

When should a groom give his gift? At the rehearsal party. This is the groom’s last gathering with family and friends before the wedding, so it’s the best time for him to commemorate the past while looking forward to the future.

Keepsakes That Will Be Appreciated

Personal and unique gifts work the best. For the ring bearer, something less sophisticated might appeal to his youth. The groomsmen’s gifts can be identical to one another. But the best man should be set apart. For the greatest impact, show that you’ve thought of the best man by giving him something that appeals to his special interest or hobbies.

Wedding favors and gifts with engravings are a nice touch. Be sure to include the date and the occasion on your engravings. And for an added touch of class, find gifts that fit the groomsmen’s personality. Here are some favorites that seem to capture the best of what a gift can do:

Hip Flasks in any variety of stainless steel or leather.

Cherry wood humidors and stainless steel cigar cases.

Swiss Army pocket knives in red or silver and accessorized with lights, money clips, and a multitude of utilities.

Wedding golf gifts for groomsmen and the best man are increasing in popularity. Golf wedding favors and golf gifts and accessories fit the occasion well.

Cuff links in a variety of colors and styles are classical accessories the groomsmen can wear on the wedding day.

Other Considerations for the Groom

On the whole, the engagement and wedding require tireless efforts in planning. It’s important that no one is forgotten. This is true from the moment you start selecting the wedding party to the time you finish the guest list. Including family, friends, and co-workers in the fun will complete the occasion for you.

Aside from the groomsmen, wedding favors can be given to other special guests you wish to honor. At the rehearsal party, the bride and groom may present their parents and grandparents with a gift. But this is going beyond the ordinary and is considered optional.

If extending your gratitude to include parents and special guests is your style, feel free to do so. The rehearsal party is a time to give liberally. In addition, wedding favors for all guests in attendance can spruce up receptions. Distributed at each place setting or handed out in any number of creative ways, the reception is another place to express your appreciation for everyone’s support.

The Groom’s Gratitude Attitude

“Gratitude,” says novelist A. J. Cronin “is something of which none of us can give too much. For on the smiles, the thanks we give, our little gestures of appreciation, our neighbors build up their philosophy of life.” Giving groomsmen gifts that express your gratitude and sharing wedding favors with your wedding party, family, and guests is a noble philosophy; moreover, the gifts you give also reflect the joy between you and your bride-to-be. That’s something to think about.